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Choose 12 OR 24 Weeks:

Virtual Coaching

The Ultimate Weight Loss Packages to a NEW You!

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Work 1-on-1 to lose weight and transform yourself and your life into a healthy, high-vibe lifestyle you'll love. Programs are 12 or 24 weeks (or longer if necessary) depending on weight loss goals.


Learn best practices for: 

  • Weight Loss

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness

  • Mindfulness

  • Mindset

  • Self-Love

  • Healthy Lifestyle

Programs include: 

  • Weekly Sessions

  • Meal Planning & Tracking

  • Exercises/ Training that works around your schedule

  • Tools & Resources for success

Weight Loss Coaching includes:

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1. Diet & Nutrition Coaching 

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In every program, one of the three main focuses is Diet & Nutrition. Healthy eating is crucial to your overall health & wellness. Many aren't aware just how different food affect the body and what nutrients and amounts are necessary to to stay properly nourished & fueled.

Because we know education is important, we teach you much more than “healthy” vs “unhealthy." Through this health path, we help you change the way you think about food as you apply it to change your body. Your goals may be weight or health related, athletic, or maybe for aesthetics. Regardless, we can help you apply a simple and effective approach to diet and nutrition, backed by science. Watch as your insides begin to thank you in as little as 3 days. 

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Nutrition and fitness go hand-in-hand, which means its only natural for our program to include fitness coaching. By helping you step up your fitness game, you can lose weight, tone up, or finally learn exercises to help with those stubborn areas.   Fitness and nutrition are a dynamic duo-- Achieve your fitness goals while and start seeing results ASAP with our proven exercise routines and regimens. 





Relax and recharge your mind, body & life

How can you take on a new healthy lifestyle or lose weight without a healthy mindset?  The third aspect of this program focuses on life-enhancing practices. Maybe you're looking to improve your home life and relationships. Maybe you're looking to improve your education or career. Maybe you're looking to get out of a funk. Or maybe you just need some
"you" time to unwind, or some help in planning or reaching your life goals.  Regardless of the end goal for your health transformation, mindset coaching and mindfulness practices with a focus on self-love will help you in your success. Total self-improvement can only happen with a healthy mind, body and spirit and depending on your health goals, we'll help get you on a good plan to ensure you're in a good head space, full of gratitude for the life-changing results waiting for you at the end of this journey. 


4. Digital Tools, Resources & Community

Supplement your journey with our additional tools:

  • Nutrition Tips

  • At home & Gym exercises

  • Meal plans, meal prep ideas, recipes

  • Self-Love challenges

  • Mindset challenges

  • Planners, journals, trackers

  • Quick Guides & Ebooks

  • NEW: Coming Soon** Membership to Facebook Group for additional support.

12 & 24 Week Weight Loss Transformation Programs

Who It's For

  • ​Women who want to lose weight,  improve their diet, be more physically active, and get more fit.

  • Women who want to learn and understand nutrition to improve their diet and/ or incorporate it into their active lifestyle.

  • Women who want to learn about macronutrients and nutrient release to properly fuel themselves for their fitness.

  • Women want more energy (& other benefits of fitness training) in their daily lives.)

  • Women who like support and accountability that comes from having weekly progression reviews with their coach.

  • Women who want or need individualized weekly tips & feedback from their coach.

What's Included

  • Your own personal health coach with weekly 1-on-1 virtual check-ins. 

  • Goal Setting . Duration of program is dependent upon weight loss goal.

  • Simple breakdown of nutrition and what constitutes a wholesome diet. 

  • Awareness of your body's needs and processes in terms of diet and nutrition.

  • How to read nutrition labels and make better, long lasting habits.

  • How to fuel your body to lose fat or build muscle.

  • Application of mindfulness and self-love practices.

  • Weekly workouts via our training app.

  • Digital resources including videos, eating tips, recipes, meal prep ideas, self-help and self-tracking tools

  • Live support for a positive mindset, motivation, & accountability.​​

  • *New: Coming Soon* Access to the community Facebook group where you can ask questions, find support, and get tips from others with similar goals.

What You Can Expect

  • Weekly sessions via virtual meetings.

  • You will be asked questions to provoke awareness for habit change, and be encouraged to ask questions for empowerment.

  • A plan will be created based on information provided in the initial session ( ie. your lifestyle and goals). *Note plans may be altered due to progression/setbacks.)

  • Guidance on making better food choices, & implementing simpler, healthier food habits.

  • Weekly objectives will be assigned for nutrition comprehension and track implementation of new habits. (ie. 3-Day food log).

  • Assessment of how you feel, including: sleep, stress, physical activity, focus & mood. Tracking of successes/setbacks.

  • Your coach will discuss your successes/ setbacks and adjust plan as needed for the next week's objectives.

  • New weekly objectives will be given for forward progression depended upon your ultimate goal and unique journey in the previous week. 

  • Efficient application to create better lifestyle habits that suit your individual goals. 

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