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Self-Paced Online Course


Program Length: Self-Paced

science backed

Science-Backed Content

Expertise Insights & Guides

Hours of health coaching content and PDF guides with customizable, actionable plans proven to get results. Commit to methods that feel doable to YOU so that you can achieve your desired goal.


Complete Wellness

Comprehensive Health Guidance

A holistic approach to optimizing overall well-being, including: mindset, nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, hormonal balance, environment, travel, lifestyle, and self-love & care, and more... as they each play a role in complete wellbeing and weight loss.


Sustainable Behavior Change

Long-lasting Healthy Lifestyle

Empowering YOU to develop and maintain sustainable healthy habits in various avenues of health, ensuring balance and more control over your health and lifestyle.


Tracking & Accountability Tools

Stay on Track

Take advantage of my planners, journals, trackers, and mini challenges-- accountability companions to help you stay on track to achieve your goals.

In "Healthy Habits, Happy Life" you’ll learn comprehensive health fundamentals that will empower you to elevate your health and happiness--the ultimate glow up! Whether your goal is weight loss or healthier habits, by the end of this course, you'll have an in-depth understanding of complete wellbeing, and how to implement new steps to reach a sustainable lifestyle and a healthier YOU.

Course Program FAQs

Who is this program for?

Women who are looking to make lifestyle change by their own watch, or may not have the means for a coach right now. I believe woman should have options when it comes to optimizing their health and should do so when it feels right for them. I also believe financial situations shouldn't stand between someone and their health.​ Life is hectic and for some, adding more to their plate may seem like the last thing they need right now. But they know their health is important and commit to learning and growing at their convenience.

What's Included?

  • Access to video content as guidelines for best practices in for weight loss or optimizing  health in: mindset, nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management, environment, travel, social situations, self-love & care, lifestyle, hormones, health sustainability and more...

  • PDF guides with various ideas, suggestions, recommendations and actionable steps to take to build better habits in each of the above areas.

  • ​Planners, trackers, journals, assignments and mini challenges for continued progress, and accountability

  • One free consultation prior to program

Why is this program different?

Health is unique and multi-dimensional and my programs approach it as such. Although you won't be working directly with a coach, the guidance offered isn't a one-size-fits-all plan. In each area of wellness, you'll be given multiple methods to create and implement better habits. You are in the drivers seat as you discover what works for your unique self and commit to that. There are too many online programs that in less harsh words say "do-this-exact-thing-to-a-T-or-else." Most of those plans work against people because it doesn't take individual needs into consideration. My programs give you adaptable, doable, tangible and uniquely customizable steps. That's the only way to see success.

How do I sign up?

Click below to schedule a free consultation.

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