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Self-Love & Care

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection." - Buddha

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Mindset is a huge component for achieving any goal, health related or not, and is the #1 thing that will make or break you. 

In my sessions with clients, we address mindset first. Why? Because the right mindset shifts your perspective and sets the foundation for the actions you take. Trying to employ nutrition plans, exercise and new habits without a solid mental foundation will crumble your best efforts. 

Many people approach their health goals begrudgingly, with a negative attitude as something they "need to do" instead of something they want to do because they love themselves and deserve to look and feel their best. When you approach it like a chore, not only will your misery be self-fulfilling but you won't get very far. Think of how many times that type of attitude has brought you satisfying, lasting results.


 I'm not sugar coating anything here. I'm not going to tell you things will be rainbows and sunshine, all days will go smoothly and improving your health will be a walk in the park. For some of you, it might be, but for most, it will not. It'll take dedicated conscious effort, trial and error, and many adjustments. But what I will say is that if you approach change lightheartedly, remembering your WHY for doing this and see this journey as something that will lead to your betterment and that can be fun and informative, this may be the most rewarding experience of your life.

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Mindfulness is the act of awareness, and acceptance without judgment. It brings us peace in the present moment with ourselves, others, and circumstances. Once considered something esoteric, it's so mainstream, there's plenty of apps for it.  

When losing weight or managing a chronic condition, practicing mindfulness can help ease pressure, frustrations, stress and anxiety. Mindful Practices can include breathing exercises, meditation, spending time in nature, and anything that reduces racing mind activity that brings you to the here and now. Meditation has been scientifically proven to change our neural pathways and make us feel less cranky and more capable, resilient and happier overall. 


Mindfulness reduces: stress, anxiety, depression, pain, depression, hypertension, & more...

Mindfulness improves: focus, sleep, ​mood, job burn out, life balance, & more...


Mindfulness should be practiced daily to help you stay on track toward living in a more elevated state. Meditation can become your new best friend if you give it a chance. See for yourself what it can do for your health and happiness. That's why you're here, right? Complete wellbeing is holistic--it isn't just about food and exercise.


Self-love and self-care are just as important for our mental health and well-being as a healthy diet and exercise. 

When I say self-love and self-care here, I don't mean taking yourself to a fancy dinner, getting manicures and going shopping, although those things are great and I encourage you to keep doing them if they make you feel good. I mean REAL self love and care that brings you inner peace and satisfaction-- the healthy and mindful choices you make for yourself out of self love and care and the way that you speak to yourself.


Loving kindness and compassion to ourselves entails being warm, understanding and forgiving toward yourself when you get frustrated, fail, or feel inadequate. It's protects your peace and is what picks you up on those days you want to beat yourself up or find yourself at the bottom of a now empty Haagen Dazs ice cream pint in tears.


Self-love and care gives you the benefit of the doubt, chooses grace over guilt and trusts you're doing your best even if your best looks different from day to day.  Self-love is a powerful force, but a journey in itself as it takes regular practice and persistence in letting go of a negative inner narrative, and rewriting it with unconditional love. Making the decision to improve your health is an act of self-love and care. It's loving yourself enough and caring for yourself enough to change your beliefs,  attitude,  behaviors & lifestyle.

My programs are designed to include self-love & self-care practices to help you cultivate the self-love and care you deserve.


Set an intention to love and care for yourself each and every day and watch your best self unfold!

Love Yourself

Still need help with your mind-body connection? Learn techniques to enhance your mind and connect with your inner self through my coaching programs. 

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Work with me 1-on 1 for a life-changing educational & motivational experience. Be coached on mindset, mindfulness, self-love & care. and have your questions answers in real time. Learn key techniques and practices that relax you, bring you joy and enhance your overall health and effortsLearn what works for your unique self and lifestyle while having your habit changes held accountable with a coach.


Gain access to additional tools, resources, and ideas to help kick-start & maintain your body-mind connection with your preferences kept in mind. Together we'll set goals for a healthier and happier you, and work together to achieve those goals. Click below to learn more or to schedule a free call.

*Consult your doctor before engaging in any nutrition & fitness program*

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