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Wholesome Nutrition & Why it's Important

Good nutrition is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. To eat nutritiously, is to eat wholesome foods that give your body all the essential nutrients it needs to function at its best. Good nutrition nourishes the body, and combined with exercise, can reduce your risk of preventative chronic diseases that come from unhealthy eating, malnutrition and weight gain.

In America, we are experiencing an obesity epidemic, with over 1/3 of adults and almost 1/5 of children being obese. However, even those considered to be at a "healthy weight" can experience health risks, illness and even death due to a poor diet. These risk factors typically seen in adult chronic diseases are increasingly being seen in younger ages as a result of unhealthy eating habits, weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle. In today's society, many of our foods are refined, processed, chemically enhanced--stripped of nutrients. 

Nutrition is too important to ignore. By consuming a wide variety of whole foods, we are able to get the nutrients and substances we need to not only increase our longevity, but elevate life quality. Most dietary habits are established in childhood that often carry into adulthood. Teaching children from an early age can keep them healthy throughout their life. As for adults, it's never too late to change your habits. Even for those diagnosed with a chronic condition such as diabetes and hypertension, improved diet can help manage the condition and in some cases, reverse it.

Developing a healthy eating pattern is an act of self-love! Contrary to many beliefs, a healthy diet doesn't equal restriction, deprivation and loss of happiness. Some of the most amazing meals, snacks and desserts I've had were not only mouthwatering, but packed with nutrients by using cleaner ingredients.


Since nutrition is a big part of weight loss and everyday health, my programs are designed to help you be healthy while still enjoying the foods you love. Balance is the key to this transition. Small changes can go along way. I don't know about you, but to me, staying committed to a poor diet that prevents me from living my best and longest life is like committing to a relationship with a toxic partner. It never ends well.


Medical benefits aside, who wouldn't want to: have glowing skin, look & feel their best, end bloat & fatigue, end crash dieting, and be a great inspiration for loved ones?

Once you truly love and respect yourself, you understand that good health is priceless. You are worthy and you deserve it. Start now...don't wait until things get worse. I am here to educate, motivate and help you discover a plan of action to achieve your nutrition goals. I look forward to working with you!

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A wholesome diet is one that consists primarily of whole foods.  The term “Whole foods” typically describes natural, unprocessed foods containing only one ingredient (e.g. blueberries, eggs, broccoli, black beans). The charts below show the extent for each food groups' consumption for a general wholesome diet. Though this is a great guideline, it's still, nonetheless a guideline. Every body is unique and nutrition isn't a one size fits all approach. Some individuals are vegan, some have grain or gluten sensitivity, etc.. Therefore the biggest take away is that regardless of what you eat, the best strategy is to consume whole foods.  


So much of our food today comes refined & processed, high in sugar and saturated or trans fats, leading to weight gain and other serious health risks. Reference the chart below to see how these "use sparingly" foods, if any should, be a minuscule part of your diet.

My programs dig deeper into each individual food group. By the time our partnership ends, you'll be confident in concepts such as: macro and micronutrients, differences in whole and refined grains, healthy vs non-healthy fats, adjusting food choices to overcome bloat and fatigue, and more.

Food Pyramid.jpg

** General guidelines, not for everyone

*Source: Harvard School of Public Health.

*The contents on this page are for informational purposes only and doesn't constitute as medical advice for medical conditions or illness. Always consult your doctor before starting any nutrition & exercise program.


Discover and commit to what works for YOU.

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different body types2.png

Almost everything we're told about diet & exercise seem black and white-- "do this, not that," the end. With so many strict rules we're left feeling like failures when we don't follow them perfectly. But the real question is, should you really be following some off the shelf "30-day-challenge-follow-it-to-a-T-or-else" type of diet?

I say, NO. And deep down I know it's not something you want to do either. The reason women need to stop blindly following others and hop off the fad diet train is because we don't have the same bodies. We have different: genetics, height, weight, levels of lean and fat mass, metabolisms, hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, reactions to food, stress levels, and lifestyles just to name a FEW.

Many individual factors play a role in setting appropriate dietary recommendations. Even the food pyramid above is a general recommendation and doesn't work for everybody. Though grains are healthy, they make some lethargic. While beans & legumes are healthy, it gives some people bloat. It's irresponsible of us to base our foods choices, calorie and macronutrient goals on others' if those choices don't work in favor of our unique body needs.


The key to long term success is finding out what works for YOUR unique goals, unique body, priorities and lifestyle. Then, make adjustments along the way based on cues like appetite, energy, sleep, cravings, etc. 

When you consume whole foods that worth with you and break up with foods that fight against you, sustainable change and reaching your health goals becomes easier And this is what I help you do.

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Get Nutrition Education Through My Coaching Programs

Make educated and healthier food choices that work for YOU. 

Work with me 1-on 1 for a life-changing, educational & motivational experience. Be coached on healthy eating, nutritional facts, and have your questions answers in real time. Learn key food groups/sources, as well as macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins & minerals. Learn to read nutritional labels and more, all while having your habit changes held accountable with a coach.


Gain access to additional tools, resources, ideas, and recipes to help kick-start & maintain your nutritional health with any dietary restrictions and preferences kept in mind. Together we'll set goals for a healthier and happier you, and work together to achieve those goals. Click below to learn more or to schedule a free call.


*Consult your doctor before engaging in any nutrition & fitness program*

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