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7 Ways To A Strong, Energized Body & A Clear, Focused Mind

At High Vibe Sister, our goal is to guide and encourage healthy habits to sustain a lifestyle you love that serves your mind, body and soul. Here are 7 key steps that can make a huge difference in your life. If you're able to start small, and implement these in baby steps, you'll begin to see a shift in yourself in as little as a few weeks. You'll feel much more relaxed, recharged, and happier. Being healthy and feeling well spills over into all aspects of your life: self, relationships, work, etc... We hope you take these different steps in full faith to raise your vibe and discover your glow.

1. Diet

Do you feel what you eat is the most nutritional option for you? What are some ways you can change your diet today? If you don't think you're current diet is serving you well, what's stopping you from making changes? Changes don't have to be so scary. Changes don't need to be depriving. Small baby steps are enough to get you headed in the right direction. Start small and gradually work your way up. If swapping out chips a piece of fruit today is achievable. Take the step to implement it. If deciding to have water instead of a soda refil sounds do able, hop on it. Small steps seem less overwhelming and will set you up for success.

2. Exercise

Exercise is a necessity. No you don't need to spend countless hours at the gym or even take on high intensity activities. Getting our blood flowing can help us feel more energizes. It also has so many medical benefits. Running is great, but so is walking. Many cringe at the idea of exercise, but it's not so dreadful as you think. Like to dance? Take a dance class. Gardening is exercise too. Start small and find ways to incorporate exercise daily, even if it's something simple like parking further away from the store, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

3. Mindfulness

Stop what you're doing right now, (including reading this blog) and take a minute for slow deep breathing. Try to release your thoughts and focus on your feelings. Just simply be. Notice what arises in your body without judgement and be aware. Awareness helps us to break the chaos in our brains and refocus. Start with 5 minutes on a daily basis. This can be done at home, at work, on your lunch break, or in your car. With more practice, it'll become easier and you can up the time.

4. Hydration

We all know how important it is to drink water so I don't need to go into the benefits here, but how conscious are you of your water intake? What have you drank over the day? Do you consume more sugary or caffeinated drinks than water? Try to keep these to a minimum. If you aren't sure if you're hydrated enough, you can also check your urine. Is it yellow or dark? or clear. The clearer it is, the more hydrated you are. If you currently have a difficult time drinking water, start aiming for 64oz per day to start. That's 8, 8oz glasses.

5. Nature

Nature is so incredibly healing and relaxing. As earthly beings, we are connected to the earth. Get outside, get in nature, especially if you need a quick break from your busy life. You may find that the sun and fresh air is all you really need to recharge and feel at peace.

6. Sleep

Sleep is so incredibly important. When you take a look at your sleep pattern and what do you see? Do you get enough sleep? Do you find it difficult to fall or stay asleep? Do you know the cause of your tiredness? Is it as easy as just going to bed earlier? If you're unable to resolve your sleep issues, seek professional help, but it its just a matter or turning off the TV and jumping off Facebook earlier, love yourself enough to call it a night in time to get sufficient hours. Your sleep quality won't improve over night, but it'll be enough to kickstart a healthy routine. When our sleep suffers, our health suffers.

7. Goals & Dreams

If you are really looking to change your habits and life into healthy ones, grab a piece of paper and write out what you would really love to see manifest in the new you. Health? Happiness? Weight loss? Cleaner eating? More fulfilling relationships and work? Following the above steps and implementing them into your life daily, you will begin to have more energy, be much more relaxed and feel uplifted. This shift that raise your vibration will attract more of what we want in life, but first we must clearly define what we want. Grab that paper and get to writing!

Learn more about how to implement these helpful tips and how to stay accountable to finally achieve your goals here.


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